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Dart Zone Pro Tournament | Source: Prime Time Toys/The Toy Book

Prime Time Toys International is inviting foam dart enthusiasts to blast their way into riches this summer.

The company behind the Dart Zone brand of foam dart blasters teamed up with Foam Pro Tour to launch the Dart Zone Pro Tournament. The multi-round event is already in the qualifier stage as teams of budding blaster professionals face off with a goal of making it to the finals in Rochester, New York in July. Combatants in this emerging sport will have the opportunity to win cash prizes and a championship medal.

“With Dart Zone, community comes first. Our brand was built on listening to the players, recognizing a need, and delivering beyond expectation,” says Bryan Sturtevant, vice president of sales, Prime Time Toys International. “The excitement and passion of the foam dart community motivates us to continue to strive for excellence in everything we produce.”

As Prime Time Toys notes, foam dart hobbyists are known for modifying store-bought blasters to increase performance. The company says that Dart Zone is designed to “deliver pro-level performing darts and blasters right out of the box.”

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