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Phase 10 40th Anniversary Edition | Source: Mattel

Another iconic game is celebrating a milestone anniversary.

Mattel is honoring 40 years of Phase 10 with a special edition version of the game that comes in a nostalgic keepsake box with a letter from the game’s creator, Kenneth R. Johnson.

The Phase 10 40th Anniversary Edition made its debut as a special offering through the Amazon Treasure Truck yesterday and is now available exclusively at Amazon.

Phase 10 creator Ken Johnson shares the 40th Anniversary Edition of his classic game. | Source: Mattel

“I’m excited to partner with Mattel to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Phase 10,” says game designer Ken Johnson. “Since inventing the game in 1982, it’s brought me so much joy to see how this game has become a multi-generational family tradition over the years, transcending languages and cultures to bring people together all over the world.”

Johnson was just 22 years old when he created the game as an alternative to UNO in his hometown of Detroit. The game, a variation on rummy, was eventually published by Indiana-based Fundex Games which sold the rights to Phase 10 to Mattel in 2010.

Phase 10 is currently hailed as the No. 2 card game in the world behind UNO, also published by Mattel Games.

As of this writing, the Phase 10 40th Anniversary Edition is the No. 1 bestselling game on Amazon.

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