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Apex Legends Action Figures for 2022 | Source: Jakks Pacific/The Toy Book

The game continues for Jakks Pacific and Electronic Arts.

The licensing partnership between the two companies will result in fresh waves of action figures, plush, and costumes inspired by the hit video game, Apex Legends.

“Apex Legends has been a hit for us with retailers and fans alike,” says Craig Drobis, senior vice president of marketing, Jakks Pacific. “Each new wave of characters attracts more collectors who bring their fandom for their favorite Legends. We will continue to release these each season to an excited Apex Legends audience.”

This spring, Jakks Pacific will unleash a 10-inch plush collectible Nessie for kids ages 3 and up that is crafted from premium textured fabric and contains a zipper pocket. The spring wave of 6-inch, super-articulated action figures includes Octane: Hit & Run (Rare Skin), Pathfinder: Team Lift (Rare Skin), and Caustic. The figures are designed for kids ages 8 and up.

Disguise — the costumes and seasonal division of Jakks Pacific — will unleash a fresh assortment of costumes and roleplay items for kids and adults in time for Halloween.

The new wave includes Octane and Wraith Deluxe Adult Costumes and a Revenant Classic Muscle costume for kids.

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